In this interview with Carol Miller – the ‘ Power of Positivity Gal’ I share some of my personal story of navigating through my husband’s cancer journey since 2015. I feel compelled to offer you some tips and tools that I used and am still using to make our life as positive as we can. My husband is alive and well and we are embracing the ‘new normal’ in our lives.

Whether you realize it or not, and I did not in the beginning, you will go through some kind of ‘grieving’ process. After all, you will be experiencing a ‘loss of what was’ and hopefully accept what is, and, make the best of it.

Going Through The Grieving Process Using Law of Attraction Tools

  1. Denial is considered the first stage of grief. Denial is characterized by disbelief and emotional numbness.

In this interview you will find out why I was so ‘shocked’ by the diagnosis.

2.  Anger, the second stage of grief, may be directed at any number of people or circumstances. For instance, some people become angry at the doctors or nurses providing care, or they may become angry at themselves or a higher power as a result of the loss.

I had my moments of feeling anger, but I used the Emotion Code on myself and a lot of meditation and prayers to get through this.

3. Bargaining is the stage where people focus on what could have been done to prevent the loss, or what the person could have done for the ill person while they were healthy. You may even want to ‘bargain’ that if that person gets better you will change … or never do such and such again…

I went through this stage very briefly because I’ve never felt the answers to the reasons ‘why’ he attracted cancer were sufficient. We did and do eat well, he did exercise, he was and is a positive person. So I quickly stopped asking ‘why’.

4. Depression can be mild or severe enough to interfere with daily activities.

Fortunately I have never suffered from depression. If and when I do get negative thoughts I use the Law of Attraction tool of asking myself “So what do I want” and that shifts the energy from negative to positive.

5. Acceptance occurs when the person is able to cope with the loss, or when the person can face the reality of the situation.  Acceptance may not be experienced by all people who suffer a loss, and the stages of grief may reoccur for some.

It took many tries at finally ‘accepting’ what is is now in our lives. While he is recovering well there were many times when I did ‘flip flop’ with accepting the situation. If there is a ‘problem’ I like to find the ‘solution’. In this case it has taken many different turns on the journey.

Michael J. Fox said this about his Parkinson’s disease:

Michael J Fox Acceptance

Each of the stages may last for an indeterminate period of time. Have your melt downs or hissy fits ‘briefly’ and only you can decide what the timing is on ‘briefly’.

Some final advice for staying positive…

And finally my advice to you or someone you know going through this, be kind to yourself with good self care because it is a marathon. Do things that make you happy.

For me things that made me happy were mediation, my cat Lilly, family especially my sister Lori, yoga, working with clients and writing my new Law of Attraction GRATITUDE JOURNAL . You’ll need to have a medical journal and ALSO I recommend using my journal to help you through the process. It keeps you focused on positive thoughts and moves you toward ‘HOPE.