Law of Attraction Coaching:

“Since you have done the emotion code on me, it has really opened me up to being totally honest with people. It’s a little frightening sometimes but so fabulous to release what I really feel. Thank you Dana it’s like breaking chains that I’ve been held captive under for so many years being afraid to say what I feel so I don’t hurt someone else’s feelings. I understand you could help me with my emotional eating as I read some testimonials on your website – let’s do this next.”

Nina C.

“Dana was recently working with me on releasing trapped emotions. Amongst others, she also released one of the emotions that was trapped in my ankle. I knew something changed in that area, because for the next two days I felt warmth washing over my ankle. Since our session I have noticed that certain fear disappeared. I feel free. I have also noticed that I am finally getting clarity about my business that I was previously looking for. It seems that some creativity blockage was released and I am again able to tap into my potential. Thank you Dana.”

Milena C.

“It’s rare you come across standout talent like Dana. I hired Dana as a business coach in 2013 after attending a Law of Attraction for Business training class with her. Since then, I’ve worked with her on a variety of projects, hangout on air shows and coaching.

When Dana asked me to help her receive her Emotion Code Certification by letting her practice with me, of course I said yes. I was particularly impressed by her ability to help me feel at ease with the process. She effortlessly explained to me what trapped emotions are, how they negatively impact our life and how she can remove them using the Emotion Code.

A miracle worker is the phrase which comes to mind when I think about my Emotion Code session with Dana. My biggest struggle at the time of our session was with getting rid of 20 pounds I put on during menopause. Since my session with Dana, I effortlessly choose healthy foods to eat. It’s like my body is physically repulsed by even the thought of eating junk food. I personal don’t get the scale; however my clothing and people are letting me I’m eliminate the added weight.

I highly recommend working with Dana.

I had a few sessions with Dana, the first because I was in quite a bit of stomach pain. I’d been to the doctor and things were not really getting better. I thought it had to do with stress, but the pain was certainly real. By the end of that session, the pain was completely gone and has not returned! We also worked on many issues tied to relationships and childhood traumas, and I felt much less stressed and more calm after each one. I am a strong supporter of Emotion Release Therapy and am very impressed with Dana’s use of it and would highly recommend her to anyone!”

Debra C.

“I was introduced to the Emotion Code technique at a conference where Dr. Bradley Nelson spoke. However it wasn’t until months later when I worked with Dana that I had an opportunity to experience the benefits first hand. During my session Dana provided an overview of the technique and then asked me a few simple questions. I was amazed at how my body responded.

One of the most notable outcomes was the reduction in pain in my upper leg and the release of emotions that had been trapped for years. Dana was very insightful, sensitive and supportive throughout the session. It was a very positive experience.”

Nicole B.

“I had struggled repeatedly with a pain in my chest and even been to the hospital once – taken by ambulance – to have my heart tested. A couple of doctors, from different countries, told me that the problem was not my heart, it was an emotional situation. After my session with you I haven’t had that pain again and I hope it went away forever!”


“As a new entrepreneur starting out full time as a videographer I knew that I needed some coaching to expedite the process of creating a business. I met Dana at a networking event and checked out her profile and felt that her corporate and solopreneur backgrounds were a good fit for me. My decision to hire Dana was quick as her immediate feedback was honest and direct, delivered in a manner of care and consideration.

If you are a business owner that’s new to the world of entrepreneurship, Dana is an excellent resource. She moved me in the right direction and showed me the influence that networking can have on your business, and is always there to listen and help you talk through a difficult challenge.

I would recommend Dana’s law of attraction coaching style services to anyone looking to get their business off the ground and develop the mindset needed to achieve this success.”

Jamie Munro
Chief Videographer
Whisper Media

“Without knowing it at the time, the Law of Attraction was at play when I connected with Dana on-line, via LinkedIn. I was in need of help getting my staging and decorating business to the next level, and thankfully, the universe answered by sending Dana my way.

Not only is she an expert in her field, but she is such a pleasure to work with. I always looked forward to our Skype calls and felt energized and ready to tackle the goals she had set for me after each call. With Dana’s guidance I have a much more focused business plan and marketing plan, and I know that by implementing her strategies, success is mine for the taking. Thank you Dana!!!”

Taryn Lund
Chicago Redesign

“Dana Smithers was my Instructor when I started my career as a Home Staging & Redesign Consultant in 2007. Since this time Dana has consistently and passionately mentored her students in building their business. In 2010 I hired Dana to work with me on a weekly basis to address some of the hurdles I was experiencing. Dana’s intuitive thinking and knowledge helped me identify some of my belief systems that I needed to work on to take my business to the next level.

If you are a business woman passionate about your business, struggling with clarity or direction then I would recommend Dana’s empowerment women in business coaching. Dana, Thank you for your honesty, sensitivity and caring!”

Louise Henry
Home Staging & Renovation Consultant
Pair Home Design

“With my company going through a transition, I was looking for guidance, a fresh perspective and new energy. Dana Smithers offered me just that!

It was an absolute pleasure working with Dana. She kept me on my toes, kept me accountable and helped me find a way to make my business work better for me. I was able to change my business as needed and have some great tools to work with in the near future.

I would recommend Dana’s coaching services. She is a very energetic person with lots of great ideas and valuable connections in the industry. I’m sure our paths will cross again.”

Yvonne Laanstra
Staging Calgary!

“When I found Dana I was new to the home staging business and needed some help in growing my business. Dana was my answer. Her positive attitude, acute business acumen and mentoring were just what I needed to change and create a business I love. As her Mission Statement says, ‘she educated, inspired and empowered me to take my business to the next level.’

Thank you Dana.”

Debbie May
The House Staging Company
Little Rock, Arkansas

I have been using Dana as my business advisor for some time, and I can recommend her for so many reasons. She is professional, very experienced, has lots of knowledge on how to run a company, knowledge around good self-care and practical psychology and a big box full of practical tools, forms or whatever you might need to get closer to your goals. She can apply it all – specifically to you.

A lot of coaches – or advisors have these abilities, too but what places Dana in the premiere league, is that she is always 100% present, prepared for each session, able to switch direction or subjects in seconds following her client`s needs, expressing support and understanding as if she is in your shoes, communicating effectively in a to- the -point language only people with insight and wisdom can do.

And most of all Dana catches and extracts the main points or challenges easily and has an incredible ability to put instant light and focus to these. She links business success to personal development .If you don`t have a business but rather a problem you need support to handle or solve- you can use Dana for that, too. It is the same way of thinking, the solution begins to shape with a close look at YOU.”

Aase Stran Giersten
Larvik, Norway

Law of Attraction Program

“I had read a Law of Attraction book a few years ago and have always been amazed and yet not surprised when you set your mind in a positive mode how much that attracts wonderful things to you.

I really love the 3 Step Deliberate Attraction formula. For me now, I am going to be so much more mindful of LOA in my daily life and when I set a direction and it doesn’t quite happen in the time or way I imagined. I’ll be using the Reset Button (I love that) when I get distracted or discouraged.

Also I have more clarity which I struggle with sometimes as I tend to see so many possibilities probably because of my positive, creative nature. I love setting a small LOA not just the big ones and watching it show up in my life.

Since taking your LOA program I took your advice and set my mind on one LOA subject and have things happening already! It also helped me with a tough decision I made instantly and haven’t looked back. I am more open to other possibilities and if I find something is not working, I make the changes with more ease.

I would highly recommend this course to other people. Dana your positive, insightful nature and your ease in teaching and coaching others would be most helpful to anyone. Thank you for putting this series together. Who wouldn’t like more light and positive reinforcement in their life. It really helped me.”

Tracy Dedrick
Perryl Style
Langley, BC

“The thing that stays with me the most from the Law of Attraction program is how Dana has explained it all, laid it out and guided us with just enough push to make it work. It has made a difference in my life in a vibrational sense: knowing that what I put out is what I get back has helped me focus on what I really want. I liked the Clarity Through Contrast Worksheet. I found this to be the most useful tool for me.

I had never used a Vibrational Business Plan before but I can see that it is a useful tool for me to get precision on what I do want and make this really happen in my business life. The workbook was a great follow along tool. It was clear, concise and well planned out.

G+ hangout is a good format – I had never used it before so with practice I have become more familiar with it and like the interaction. When you are on the panel it feels like we are in the same room as the other women so you connect more.”

Lori Smithers-Ruiz
Personal Tour Guide
Heart in Provence
Vancouver, BC

“I have really enjoyed the LOA Google Hangout. This type of forum I thought was more interactive and nice to meet a panel of women who are very honest in sharing themselves, their challenges and vulnerabilities. Just a terrific group of women! I felt a lot of energy from them and of course yourself.

The thing that has stayed with me is being more mindful of when a negative thoughts or self-talk creeps in every so often, even though I consider myself to be a positive thinker. I am much more mindful to change a negative thought or raise my vibration quickly and get rid of or eliminate what is not serving me in a positive way. Also, by setting boundaries on my time, this simply has freed me up for bringing all the good stuff in.

It’s made a great difference in my life as I have more clarity on things I wish to bring into my life and work. All the exercises and instruction from you, Dana have been most helpful. You have helped me make a shift and I thank you for that. Your positive, creative nature and ability to teach women and give them the tools to work with, I’m sure has made an impact on all the women that are “Hanging out” on your panel discussions. Thanks so much!”

Tracy Dedrick
Perryl Style
Langley, BC

Law of Attraction – Training & Speaking

“What I loved best about this program, is that it kept me focused on my goals, helped me get clear on who my ideal client is, and very importantly – kept me accountable. Dana helped me look at marketing strategies that I had not previously considered, and she got me on Facebook!

The ladies in my group were wonderful, and it was so reassuring to know that we were all experiencing the same issues. I felt completely supported and encouraged. Dana also helped me understand how to use the Law of Attraction to grow my business.

I highly recommend Dana’s Fast Track Business Development Mentoring program for any entrepreneur who wants support in moving their business forward.”

Allison Benson

“One of the key areas that helped me grow my business was getting focused on narrowing down my niche market. I gained clarity on my target market and learned many ways to market to them. I enjoyed being held accountable because it ensured I did the work I had committed to during each week’s call.

I learned which area in my business needed to be improved at this time . Now I want to apply those marketing strategies as I’m preparing several talks for new year. I was happy to get a new postcard made with my new focus on hormone management and weight reduction.

Also the bonus you added on how to use the Law of Attraction was great. Each week I learned something new to apply.”

Sarah Abtahi

“I loved Dana’s 8 week fast track program. Her energy and professionalism was something I looked forward to each week. I enjoyed the dynamic of hearing what the other people in the group were doing and what their challenges were. I really need to be held accountable and this program was perfect for that.

I felt like each week I was more focused on what I needed to do. I enjoyed hearing about how to use the Law of Attraction and I especially liked creating a vibrational business plan board. Thank you Dana for you leadership and I’m looking forward to learning more from you!”

Anita Alberto

“Dana Smithers draws from her own realizations and uses this understanding to explain how she has created it through the Law of Attraction. She blends this with being a great facilitator who puts people at ease, while adding good fun seasoned with warmth and courage. All while showing you what you instinctively knew but had forgotten.

You deserve to experience what Dana Smithers has to offer – she actively gets you into action rather than just teaching, and in that process makes you realize how blessed you are, how worthwhile your life is and how much better it can be!”

Jodaye Garner
Business Advisor
Youth Mean Business – YMCA

“Dana Smithers is a down to earth, delightful and passionate woman, facilitator and speaker. It was wonderful to have her speak for our Ladies In Power where she was well received in her professional and confident presentation.

Dana is still spoken about amongst the LIP (Ladies In Power) ladies so if you are looking to inspire, connect with or simply have a wonderful few hours of interactive, thought provoking fun for yourself, your company or even an evening with friends- Dana is your girl!”

Meeka Caissie
President, LIP Vancouver

“Dana Smithers is an extraordinary trainer who I highly recommend to enhance your business or for personal growth. I had the pleasure of seeing her present to a group of women entrepreneurs, plus I took advantage of personal coaching and had her conduct a custom training session for 8 hours of exceptional learning.

Dana has a systematic approach and her style is efficient and engaging that each participant gets the utmost benefit and return for their time. She shares her personal experience and gets participants to dig deep for the best outcome.

Dana clearly shows the power of the law of attraction and her practical tools are easy to implement!
I highly recommend Dana for any form of training: large or small group, mentoring and personal coaching. I am confident that she will hear what your needs are and provide the tools and training to enhance your personal or business growth.”

Ringing endorsement from:
Johann Russell

“Dana Smithers attended the TriCity Chapter of the Valley Women’s Network in September as our Keynote Speaker and did a fabulous job. Our members response to her presentation was very enthusiastic.

She managed to condense her usual keynote into our shorter time frame and still managed to get all pertinent info across. I’m sure everyone felt a little clearer about how the Law of Attraction can work and help them in their lives. I know I did!”

Pam Drake
TriCity Chapter Valley Women’s Network

“Our entire group so enjoyed and benefited from Dana’s talk as she shared lots of great ideas in a fun and interactive way, workshop style. She got us thinking by sharing stories and gave us solid information we could take home and start using right away, tools to help us increase the positive effects of the law of attraction in our lives business and otherwise.

Thank you Dana, for all you shared!”

Monica Noel
Mary Kay

“Dana Smithers is a highly engaging and powerful trainer of Law of Attraction, as she’s created an excellent blend of education and storytelling. Participants were entertained and inspired, but more importantly were able to integrate the information in a practical way to take action. Dana’s style is both professional and authentic, and she connected deeply with everyone in the room. I would recommend her with two thumbs up!”

Christine Awram, Founder
Woman Of Worth WOW Events

“I’m so blessed to have had a chance to listen to Dana Smithers speak. Her passion for what she does and her life story is so inspiring. She is fun, caring, empowering and connected to her audience within seconds.

She has fantastic and practical exercises that we can all use to improve our lives even after her talk! Thanks to her, I’m working on accepting the gifts that life presents to me instead off passing along to somebody else.”

Thank you Dana,
Ludmila Rogoski (Mila)

Sacred Gifts

“Thank you Dana Smithers for telling me about the Discover Your Sacred Gift’s program. Your masterful facilitation of this program, made me feel safe to engage and show myself fully.

Completing this program was like shining a flashlight on the parts of me that are most alive. It validated my need to turn up the volume and focus on are sharing my core gifts with others.

Now when I apply my sacred gifts of wise counsel, encouragement and knowledge, I’ve become more conscious of the value I bring to clients, friends, family and people I don’t know.

As a result, I’m able celebrate who I am and feel more purposeful than ever!”

Jen DeTracey

“I loved that I could do the Discover Your Sacred Gifts program from the comfort of my home. I liked that it was scheduled over several weeks, so I could listen in my own time, at my own pace and process accordingly. Having the Google+ hangouts recorded allows me to re-look at it at any time in the future.

I feel, that now that I am very CLEAR on my gifts, I can ‘go forth’ and serve without the need to shove it under the rug. Fortunately, I am living my passion, helping people heal through my ‘modality’ of hypnosis. I have no need to make changes – all I need to do is be BOLDER about it.

Although, I sincerely believe that we are on our journey, that everything happens at the right place and right time, there’s a tiny part of me that feels I have ‘lost years’. If only I had known that these were gifts from God, to be used to help and serve others, I wouldn’t have tried to ‘hide’ them.

I have tried to mask my gifts with humour, denial. I have realized we are not here to just ‘have a job or a career’. We are here to serve…through our gifts…and we cannot possibly do that if we don’t know what they are!

I found this exercise profound…”

Jackie Maclean
Addictions Recovery Specialist
The Power Within

“I was interested in learning more about ‘sacred gifts’ and what mine were. I participated in the online Google+ hangout ‘Discover Your Sacred Gifts’ mentored by Dana Smithers and it worked very well ! It was as if we were in the same room, our dialogue floating naturally, sound and picture worked well.

I found the Sacred Gifts program practical, full of useful and easy exercises, a catalyst for my own reflections and personal development! If you want to find out more about who you are and what you can contribute with no matter what your circumstances are, I recommend this simple & fun yet profoundly serious program!

Dana Smithers is a professional, warm, empathetic coach, 100% present, and very experienced. She made all the difference to my outcome, in the sense that she is making complex issues more simple to understand. Naturally, she distinguishes the gifts from one another easily, and helps effectively in sorting out questions we had concerning the exercises and assessing our potential gifts.

Dana knows the Sacred gift-program very well and could guide us with encouragement through all the exercises and answer all our questions. In addition, she is always joyful and helpful, all added value!

The group had the fortune of meeting the creator of the program, Monique MacDonald. She answered all our questions and I was interested in the connection between the gifts and money. We are to use the gifts for the benefit of others, but we can in addition use them in connection with our work and businesses as long as we serve other people.”

Aase Strand Giertsen
Larvik, Norway

“Having this program as a Google+ hangout was a real advantage. I liked the ability to see and participate in person or from wherever you are (home, office, while traveling), as long as you have access to a computer, tablet, or smart phone with audio and video capabilities It adds another level of learning, when you can do that. Webinars are great, but the ability to participate live is not part of that process.

What I learned is that each of us, me included has certain gifts that we are meant to share with others. As well, there are gifts that we do not have and this is freeing in the way. I can let others shine, that have those gifts that I do not have, and let myself off the hook for them!

As well, if I notice that someone is not working or doing things the way I do, it simply means that their gifts are most likely different than mine, and therefore I do not have to judge them because of that. It is a win, win situation, and we can capitalize on each other’s gifts.

While I recognize that I am already using some of my gifts in my life, I can see how I can use them even more. I also see that there are some of my gifts that I have not been using and plan on exploring them further… Knowing my scared gifts has also given me confidence in myself, that I do have strengths in certain areas, and can be successful in using them to help others.

I really enjoyed the program, looked forward to each new week how it was presented, using the Google+ Hangout platform. Dana was very knowledgeable on the subject and presented in a very professional manner. Thank you”

Brenda Eaton
Sylvan Lake, Alberta