Recorded Episode #33: Find Out How Michael Losier Grew His Business!

Michael Losier is now an international world class speaker/trainer who built his business through speaking engagements that started with a few… to thousands around the world!

Michael shares his days of first seeing a photo of Tony Robbins talking to a large audience. He  put a photo of himself over Tony and  filed that dream away only to discover it many years later when he started to take some personal development courses.

His speaking career evolved over time and eventually with some talks where no one showed up to wowing audiences of 1000s of people all over the world!

If you want to be inspired and confirmation that your signature talk can grow your business…please sit back and enjoy this interview with my mentor Michael Losier.

Using the 4 NLP communication styles was one of the key strategies I learned from Michael when I became a Certified Law of Attraction trainer. Both Michael and I had taken personal development courses like Context Training and Peak Potentials but none of them gave away this gem!

Your audience is going to be comprised of people with 4 different learning and communication styles. Your goal as a speaker and/or trainer is to …

NLP styles

Engage all 4 learning styles:

1. Kinesthetic

2. Digital

3. Auditory

4. Visual

For more information CLICK HERE for my blog post on ‘Rapport Building Using 4 Communication Styles’.