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Discovering ‘Your Sacred Gifts’ will have you feeling more on purpose, letting go of work you do not love to do, find more direction and clarity by being attracted to work you love to do!

Whether you feel out of alignment and unauthentic in your personal or business life – this program is transformational! Knowing what your Sacred Gifts are allows you to be fully authentic in your personal and business life. And you know this to be true because you FEEL ALIVE!

Ask yourself these questions and if you have a resounding ‘YES that’s me!’ then it might just be time for you to find out what it is you love to do and how you can create a road map to get there!

  • Do you wake up every day dreading what lies ahead at work for you?
  • Is your day spent focusing on too many of the tasks that drain you?
  • Feeling successful in your business but you’re not happy in your life?
  • Do you think you might actually be in the ‘wrong’ career or business?
  • Are you dreading facing your business because it is no longer meaningful to you?
  • Tired of checking your soul at the door every time you go to work?
  • Are you more than who shows up at work every day?
  • Trying to figure out what your next step is on your journey?

Discover Your Sacred Gifts

What clients are saying…

“I’ve worked with Dana several times over the last couple of years and recently was drawn to enrol in the Discover Your Sacred Gifts program that she offers, as it seemed like the next logical step in my self-development and healing process.  I discovered that, on some level, I was already aware of a couple of my gifts but not all of them. Completing this program shed light on the gifts I was unaware of and provided a completely different perspective on those that I already knew.  It’s difficult for me to articulate the deep certainty and groundedness that I’m now experiencing around what I have to offer the world that’s meaningful to me.  There’s this feeling of relief and of “wow, that’s ME!” that has created a sense of wonder and delight and is starting to illuminate my life’s purpose.

Thank you Dana for your guidance and love.  I’m so grateful for you.” Katy P.

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” ~ Mark Twain

The ‘Discover Your Sacred Gifts’ program was created by Monique MacDonald, a spiritual teacher who spent many years as a nurse until she felt like life was being sucked out of her! She knew there had to be more to life than what she was doing but what exactly was there and how do you find it.

I have a hunch this might be how you are feeling and I have really AWESOME news for you! Monique is so passionate about wanting to share what she learned that turned her life around that she created this unique online program and certified ‘Sacred Gifts Guides’ like me to mentor you through her program.

Is this it for my life?

This doesn’t need to be a question that you keep asking yourself over and over again.

Happiness is found when you stop comparing yourself to other people

Monique has heard this for years: “I feel lost. I don’t feel energized or excited by my work anymore! I’d rather stick needles in my eyes then pick up the phone to recruit business. I’m bored at work. I’m frustrated. I don’t feel on purpose. I don’t even know what my purpose is. Do I have one?”

So many people just endure their work. They find something that they think they might like, they check out the pay to see if the money will be enough for them. They’re happy for a while. It’s new, interesting, exciting and then just like some relationships… when the newness wears off and the reality of the situation becomes clear, it doesn’t always look and feel so exciting anymore.

Perhaps you chose your line of work with a dream of making a difference. You got a lot of education in a field that you thought would provide you with a great job or opportunity. Maybe you’ve been really good at what you do and yet something feels like its missing.

You’re reading books, going to workshops, trying to find something that will give you back that spark, that excitement and yet you can’t seem to find it. And worst yet, you keep comparing yourself to other people who seems to be so darn happy!

Once you know what your Sacred Gifts are, and almost as important, what they are not – your whole world changes!

Monique MacDonald says…

“It doesn’t matter how good you are at doing something and it doesn’t matter how much you get paid to do something, if you don’t like doing it even if you are good at it, it will start to suck the life out of you.”

What clients are saying…

“I attended a Woman of Worth event at Sparking Hills Resort in April this year. Dana Smithers was one of the distinguished speakers. Dana’s topic was on the Law of Attraction and she spoke about finding clarity in life. I was also looking for answers about my life’s purpose. My sisters and I immediately signed up for her ‘Discover Your Sacred Gift’s program. I wanted more clarity and to find out what ‘sacred gifts’ were all about. In 4 short weeks my 6 sacred gifts were revealed. I found out what made me feel on purpose and what didn’t. I discovered I had one ‘Lifestyle Gift’ of Simplicity which allowed me to use my other gifts more fully.  For the first time in my life I have true clarity of my life’s  purpose. I understand why certain activities fill me with joy allowing Life to be filled with abundance and why some drain my energy !!! I Highly recommend Dana Smithers programs.” Helen M.

‘Discover Your Sacred Gifts’ Program Creator Monique MacDonald – Her Story…

Monique MacDonald

“I was a nurse for 30 years. I was a really good nurse. I loved the interactions with my patients… that doesn’t mean I loved all the chores I had to do, all the wounds I had to care for, all messes I cleaned up. Heck, I’m someone who can’t stand the sight of blood on TV. However my love of the patient helped me push past that. I also loved working as part of a team, so my motivation to contribute to the team pushed me through some of the tasks I didn’t like to do. I wasn’t always using my sacred gifts however the work was meaningful to me.

There was a period of time however in my nursing career when I was not at all energized, when I used to cry going home and dread going to work. That was when I was working in ICU and didn’t have much interaction with patients. They were on life support or unconscious and the families were only allowed at the bedside for very short times…

My sacred gifts were not activated there, but my skills were and my talents were and my experience allowed me to do an excellent job. But the job itself in ICU wasn’t as meaningful to me as some of the other nursing jobs I had done.

Then I discovered the magic formula and the missing piece.

…I learned that there was a formula that I needed to apply when it came to my work. I needed to be using my gifts to feel energized, effective, on purpose and alive AND I needed to be using my gifts in a way that was meaningful to me. I also realized that I needed to stop trying to find my purpose and instead start to do the things that would make me feel on purpose right now in the work that I was doing.

Monique created her ‘Discover Your Sacred Gifts’ programs so that others world-wide could learn what their Sacred Gifts were. She offers a 2 day in person workshop and if you decided that you would like to become a Certified Sacred Gifts Guide she offers a 14 week course for that.  Dana J Smithers is a co-trainer with Monique to train the new Certified Sacred Gift Guides!

Once you discover what your Sacred Gifts are you will know how to choose to do what really makes you feel happy and fulfilled which means that you will:

  • No longer have to say ‘YES’ when you mean ‘NO’
  • Be happier and feel better
  • Have clarity about what you really want
  • Know which direction to take in your work life
  • Feel a sense of peace at work by ensuring you are using your gifts
  • Stop feeling guilty about NOT doing things that make you unhappy
  • Release judgment about yourself and others so you can have more fulfilling relationships at work and at home
  • Let go of unrealistic expectations
  • Feel more connected to your work and choose work more connected to you
  • Know that you can make money and do what makes you feel fulfilled

“When your gifts plus a need in the world cross, therein lies your vocation” ~ Aristotle

Monique’s clear online simple step- by-step system will help you figure out what your gifts are and how to use them in your everyday life to feel on purpose, full of life and happy!

Don’t spend another day being tired and frustrated. Don’t spend another minute blaming your boss because you aren’t happy. Don’t spend another second putting your time and energy into things that aren’t totally meaningful to you.

Quitting the job isn’t always the answer…

You have the answer right here and now. Find out what your gifts are and start using them in your life. You never know how long your life will be. Don’t waste another minute of it.

Only those who are fortunate enough to discover and understand the significance of their Sacred Gifts will use them to their true potential in their life work. Some people find their gifts out by accident and just spend their lives doing what they love. Most don’t. What I’m offering you is a chance to begin living in your gifts and to feel the joy of knowing how you can love your life and positively impact the world in the process as you work your job, your business or build your team.


There are 4 sessions and after each one you will be sent the audio-recording from each session.


Introduction to Sacred Gifts


Uncovering Your Sacred Gifts


Your Sacred Gifts Revealed


Using Your Sacred Gifts



  • Learn the ‘FEEL ON PURPOSE’ formula
  • Learn about ‘Enneagrams’ the 9 Personality Types
  • Understand what the ‘Chaos Cycle’ is all about  and where you are in it!
  • Receive 2 audio Sacred Gift Meditations
  • Join the world-wide Private Sacred Gifts Facebook group


  •  You will be personally mentored by Dana J Smithers through the entire 4 sessions of the Discover Your Sacred Gifts program
  • You will have an opportunity to dig deep to find your ‘dormant’ Sacred Gifts and gain insights into how you are currently living using your Sacred Gifts or not
  • The entire program will be held in Zoom and you will be sent the audio recordings for your use only so that you can listen again  and reflect on the insights gained during each session
  • You will be personally guided to look at the opportunities that can unfold with the knowledge of your Sacred Gifts
  • If you are an entrepreneur you will be gain new information about yourself and how you can transform your business with this new knowledge
  • If you are looking to use your Sacred Gifts in your personal life you will learn how best to be authentic in the role you play
  • You will have access to the Private Discover Your Sacred Gifts Facebook Group to engage in meaningful conversations by posting, offering insights into discussions and connected with other like-minded heart-centered people

BONUS: One 60 minute private coaching session with Dana J Smithers a transformational coach and mentor. If you are an entrepreneur you will have a ‘business strategy’ session and if you are looking for more growth in your personal life Dana will focus on what is blocking you from living more fully and authentically. She will use the Emotion Code healing technique to remove any trapped negative emotions that are blocking you from moving forward!


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PS: You’ll be excited to see what’s possible for you once you uncover your Sacred Gifts. This program will transform who you are and how you participate in the world – feeling on purpose is what life is all about! Don’t miss out on this opportunity… the possibilities are endless!