Business Development Mentoring Program

Business Development Mentoring Program

Based on the Law of Attraction

8 Week Fast Track Mentoring Program
Will Help You Take Your Business to the Next Level


Not moving forward  in your business? Even thinking about giving up?  If you find yourself working hard but not really getting the results you want for all that hard work this might be the program you have been waiting for!

In just 8 weeks you will be supported and mentored to close the gap between what you want in your business and where you are now!  You will gain new tools, learn processes and systems that will help you get the results you have been waiting for and get rid of any limiting beliefs holding you back from taking your business to the next level!!

There are both GROUP PROGRAMS and individual 1-on1 Programs.

And ladies we are going to ask that you take some well deserved ‘Me Time’ each week to reduce the stress of being an entrepreneur!

This 8 week FAST TRACK BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MENTORING PROGRAM is ideal for women solopreneurs who feel they have plateaued in their business and know they need some help. You might be someone who wants to make a tangible difference in the world but lacks some skills, focus and clarity to do that.

What clients are saying…

“I’ve worked with Dana for more than a year now. I’ve hired her for private coaching as I knew I needed to grow my business but really didn’t know how to do that. Dana did, and together I have the ‘brand’ and clarity that I had been searching for. I’ve taken her 8 Week Fast Track program 2 times now and each time have benefiting from her expert knowledge of areas in my business that I still needed to work on.

With her emphasis on FOCUS I’ve been able to see where my time is best spent and what my most profitable and enjoyable services are that I offer now. I have the CLARITY of my target market. I also very much enjoyed the other women entrepreneurs in the 8 week program because it’s reassuring to know that we all go through the same things and often what someone else is working on, we all are!

 Learning more about the Law of Attraction has been helpful to put into practice in both my personal and professional life. The tools are very transferable. I loved getting the BONUS of the Emotion Code session to release many of my trapped emotions.”

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This program will connect you with 3 other like-minded entrepreneurs  who love what they do but may be struggling with 8 Week Fast Track full sizetaking the action steps required to get the results they really want.  It may be a lack of business knowledge or self-sabotaging tactics that keep them stuck and upset with themselves.

And with mentoring from Dana Smithers who built 3 successful small business from the ground up to a 6 figure business – you will not be left trying to guess your next steps! Dana has spent the last 15 years as a solopreneur and taken hundreds of courses to gain the knowledge she has today.  She coaches women solopreneurs and she also mentors them so you get the added bonus of her having both of these skill sets:

A coach might say: “What have you tried so far to close the gap in your business between what you have and what you want? What belief is standing in your way? ”

A mentor might say: “I know how to close the gap from what you have to what you want. I’ll explain to you how I did that where it makes sense in your business model. I can even show you how I did it and then you can do it.”

Who is this 8 Week Fast-Track Business Development Mentoring Program for?

Solopreneurs who…MM group of 6 women

  • are in their second or more year of business
  • work in a service industry where they currently trade time for dollars ie. you may be a coach, trainer
  • have a passion for their work and an insatiable desire to succeed and learn more
  • feel unenergized about their work and need to have an injection of ‘positive uplifting energy’
  • feel isolated and want to bounce ideas of like-minded women with similar values
  • have a willingness to move forward quickly with ideas that are percolating in their head but have not landed anywhere solid yet
  • want to become known as an ‘expert’ in their field

What clients are saying…

“What I loved best about this program, is that it kept me focused on my goals, helped me get clear on who my ideal client is, and very importantly – kept me accountable. 

Dana helped me look at marketing strategies that I had not previously considered, and she got me on Facebook!  The ladies in my group were wonderful, and it was so reassuring to know that we were all experiencing the same issues. 

I felt completely supported and encouraged.  Dana also helped me understand how to use the Law of Attraction to grow my business.

I highly recommend Dana’s Fast Track Business Development Mentoring program for any entrepreneur who wants support in moving their business forward.

 Allison Benson -HR Consultant

What is expected from you when you join this 2 Month-8 Week Business Development Mentoring Program?


  • You need to be  committed to show up for 8 weeks for 2  hours
  • Each session is approximately 2 hours per week; you will have 20 minutes 1-on-1 Coaching & Mentoring with Dana Smithers
  • PLUS receive a 15 minute EMOTION CODE SESSION to release any negative trapped emotions
  • PLUS: the Law of Attraction Business Abundance HOME STUDY PROGRAM with a 30+ page workbook included so you can work at your own pace
  • get set up on Zoom (easy to do just go to and set up with your email address)
  • will be on time for each session with your Action Sheet completed from the previous week’s session
  • set goals that are S.M.A.R.T.
  • commit to take the action steps that you agreed to and were assigned for the week
  • support other members of the group – you may have leads, referrals, etc for other members
  • accept where other solopreneurs are on their journey
  • be accountable to yourself and the group
  • set your intention before each session and before you take your action steps
  • be open to looking at your business in a different and more positive way with Infinite Possibilities

What topics are covered in the Business Development Mentoring Program?

Our 8 Week Fast Track Business Development Mentoring Program will cover topics such as (but not limited to because you never know what will come up):

• how to attract more ideal clients, strategic alliances and referrals to increase your profitability
• get clarity on who your ideal client is and what your best business model is so you can stay focused on your results
• learn how to create a strong brand that is easily recognizable and gets you noticed and remembered
take the fear out of ‘selling’ your services and learn how to build ‘relationships’ that matter
remove limiting beliefs about your ability to be successful and reframe your negative mind-frick
• create your ‘positive abundantly creative mindset‘ vs the ‘negative lack competitive mindset’
• learn better systems to save you time, money and energy that you could delegate if and when needed
• receive new marketing strategies so you become known as an expert in your field
• find out how having a social media strategy is one of your best cost-effective tools and gain visibility for your brand

And on the personal side of empowering you:

  • learn how to set boundaries with your time, money and energy in both your personal and business relationships so you feel more empowered
  • and very important how to set ‘Me Time’ aside so that you can refuel and refresh your energy to tackle your impressive ‘To Do List’

And…no more procrastination – you’re held accountable!

This 8 Week Fast Track Business Development Mentoring Program is for you if you are ready to:


  • grow and develop personally and professionally as you move forward and set high goals for yourself
  • use the Law of Attraction principle so you become more ‘mind-full’ of where you have limiting beliefs about your abilities
  • get really crystal clear on what you want your business model to be and let go of what is not working for you
  • feel the commitment when you state your goals to the group knowing their intention is for you to be successful
  • focus on finding solutions to the challenges in your business as you grow both personally and professionally


Wednesday April 19 2017     Wednesday April 26 2017

Wednesday May 3  2017     Wednesday May 10  2017

    Wednesday May 17 2017    Wednesday May 24 2017

Wednesday May 31  2017     Wednesday June 7  2017

BONUS: You will receive the Law of Attraction Business Abundance Home Study program with all the LOA tools, processes and formulas to create more Business Abundance with a 30+ page workbook!

BONUS: Over the 8 week period you will receive an Emotion Code session to release any trapped emotions that just might be holding you back from your success every week!

Your Next Steps To Success…


Only 2 payments of $397 each

Checked BoxYes, I am ready to work and close the gap between where I currently am in my business and where I want to go!


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Once you sign up you will receive:

  1. Your One-Page Action Worksheet for each week of the program
  2. An Invitation to join the mentoring group in a program called Zoom (all you need is to log in to on your computer – it is free to participate) – Skype may be used in some instances
  3. An invitation to join the Private Facebook Group with other like-minded Law of Attraction women entrepreneurs
  4. The Law of Attraction Business Abundance HOME STUDY program

Checked BoxYes, I am ready to dive in and take my business to the next level in this 8 Week Fast Track Business Development Mentoring Program! I am committed to growing my business through action steps that get the results I want – NOW!

Business Development Mentoring Program
Support ⇒ Feedback ⇒ Accountability
Empowerment ⇒ Focus ⇒ Clarity

Only 2 easy payments of $397 each

Checked BoxYes, I am ready to work and close the gap between where I currently am in my business and where I want to go!


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