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Attention Women Entrepreneurs:
Discover Your Personal ‘Power and Magic’
that will Transform Your Business
and Attract Your Ideal Clients +
Build an Abundantly Successful Business

Business Abundance SeriesFeel like you are doing something wrong in your business because you are not making money?Tired of constantly struggling to grow your business?Are you ready to create a new reality for yourself and your business?

How would you like to turn up the volume on the results you are getting in your business and become really awesome the way you were meant to be?

SolutionThe power to change your life is within your reach, yet many people don’t understand how to access it.

The Law of Attraction is at work every day as we consciously create our lives… most people aren’t even conscious of how they create their own reality. If things work out ‘they did it’ if they don’t they often ‘blame’ someone or something.

You see the Law of Attraction will make you become aware of just how powerful your thoughts are. They really do create our reality. Whatever you think about you bring about in your life.

Right now Law of Attraction is attracting people, jobs, situations and relationships into your life… some great and some not so good at all!

So if you are spending time worrying, feeling upset, or focusing on the obstacles in your life you are actually blocking yourself from the change you long for.

And once you understand how the Law of Attraction works in your business you will no longer even have the word ‘problem’ in your vocabulary. It now becomes an ‘opportunity’ for you to let the Law of Attraction find the ‘solution’ for you!

As a Certified Law of Attraction Trainer & Business Success Coach I will help you shift your mindset releasing limiting beliefs about you and your money, create better time management strategies, gain confidence in your choices and decisions you make, gain clarity on what your business model is and is not, and more importantly encourage you to see that you truly do create your own reality.

You are responsible for what you attract – you do that all by yourself.

Imagine how your life would change if you could:

  • Create a work schedule that suits your lifestyle…
  • Effortlessly grow your business and consistently build your income…
  • Quickly release any lingering limiting beliefs that hold you back from your greatness…
  • Attract your ideal dream clients who are eager to refer you to others needing your services or products…
  • Have a steady stream of clients who are happy to pay top dollar to work with you…
  • Find the perfect strategic alliances who will promote you to their clients while you promote them…

I’d like to guide you, step-by-step, to change your BUSINESS with EASE and CONFIDENCE so you can RELAX and ENJOY the journey to greater ABUNDANCE and SUCCESS.

Here’s How Law of Attraction Changed My Life

Dana SmithersMany years ago I felt like many of you. I hit the bottom. I felt stuck, powerless, and frustrated with the way my life was going. I was broke, recently divorced and living in another country with a man I didn’t particularly even like.

It wasn’t until I shifted my many, many limiting beliefs and applied the Law of Attraction into my life that things really began to change. It was like magic really. I started working from my list of ‘What I Do Want’ to having a sense of knowing I was heading in the right direction – even when I was not sure where that was!

Once I discovered how to apply the principles of the Law of Attraction in my life, my life started changing right before my eyes. It was like a magic door opened for me. I felt happier, had a newfound confidence and suddenly all kinds of new opportunities were coming my way. And I was ATTRACTING them!

While it didn’t happen overnight I felt hopeful about my future. Eventually I found myself ‘in the process of’ creating a more consistent income and loving my new life I was creating.

So no matter who you are or what work you do, IF you are not as happy or successful in your business as you’d like to be then consider making this investment in yourself. You just may be a few steps away from your biggest breakthrough ever!

Law of Attraction Business Abundance:
Learn How You Can Apply the ‘Law of Attraction’ to Your Business and Attract Your Ideal Clients
+ an Abundantly Successful Business

Happy woman

Lessen the self-doubt that is holding you back from taking charge of your business so you can truly enjoy what it feels like to be successful…

  • Crank your happiness meter to the max and embrace how joy truly feels like…
  • Create new, expanding beliefs so that you can grow your business to greater heights…
  • Maximize the number of productive hours you have in a day so you can enjoy more in life than just working like a slave…
  • Manifest an abundant life so that you are in complete control of your destiny…
  • And so much more!

I found this program at a really stressful time in my life. I was working 2 jobs 7 days a week, one of which is my own company, a nanny employment agency. I was subsidizing this by working 3 days a week as a nanny completing between 30 – 45 hours in those days. I had to travel long distance (1.5 hours drive each way) and I was tired. I was tired, miserable and still broke!

Money came in but very quickly went back out, I couldn’t understand why! I wasn’t feeling great about myself, about my job about my life. Most of all I was resenting my role as a nanny because I had my own beautiful 2 year old daughter that I hardly got to see who was becoming increasingly cling to me. Organizing fun activities for the children in my care as a nanny made me feel really guilty as a mother, who was too tired to even play hide and seek with my own daughter.

I was wondering what the point to life was, working so hard and not getting anywhere. My thoughts of “How can I better my life, screaming in my mind – I must better my life!!!”

Dana showed me how… Our weekly sessions were so informative, visual and the content priceless. I was given several techniques on how to utilize the law of attraction to my benefit with precise explanation which I now call the formulas of L.O.A. I used to dwell on negative situations, thinking my thoughts and words didn’t matter as long as I actioned good deeds, I could wallow in as much negativity as I wanted to myself and think badly of others and situations without consequence. Not realizing these thoughts and vibes were measurable and came straight back to me!!!

What did I attract during the course of my interaction with Dana?

I struggled badly over the last 3 years with money. I now know my struggles were due to my negativity, when I changed that in came the below examples. I now understood money could come to me through other avenues other than my form of employment and to be grateful in receiving it and accept it, in doing so I attracted:

  • $40,000 when I quit my job and focused on my passion
  • My daughter had an operation that her grandparents paid for
  • My partner received $3000 in our joint bank account – for reasons we do not know! Nor did I inquire – I believed it was the LOA in action!
  • My business has gone from making about $3000 in the last year to over $6000 in the last month

I will be forever grateful for having Dana touch my life in the most positive way anyone could have ever done for me, both personally and professionally. Dana, thank you, thank you, thank you!

My most deepest gratitude, your biggest fan,



In this 4 Module Home Study Law of Attraction recorded program you will learn how to change your negative thoughts and limiting beliefs into positive, abundant, expanding beliefs that allow you to create a healthier professional and personal life. The tools and processes that you will learn will be viable for a lifetime – this is no ‘one-off’ training that you will never think about again.

This valuable training will change your life for the better so you can create what you want in any area of your life.

Here’s what you’ll learn during this HOME STUDY Law of Attraction for Women In Business series:

Module 1 Understand How the Law of Attraction Really Works
  • Learn how the Law of Attraction really works and why it works 24/7 whether you know it or not
  • Find out how to reset or reframe your negative vibrations into high-impact positive ones
  • Discover the 3 most dehabilitating words you need to eliminate from your vocabulary and why
  • Understand how every vibration starts with a word and follows a pattern to give you your results - every single time
Module 2 Implement a 3 Step Formula for Deliberate Attraction
  • Using a "Clarity through Contrast" process, you will become crystal clear on what you really desire
  • Learn why affirmations may not be working for you and how to craft more powerful ones instead
  • Explore your own 'Vibrational Bubble' to see what you have in it
  • Create your own 'Vibrational Business Plan'
  • Write Desire Scripts that excite you to create your own Desire Statement
Module 3 Allow Your Desires to Manifest (The most important step and one that "The Secret" did not elaborate on...)
  • Find out what 'allowing' really means and how to use it for manifesting
  • Learn about the 3 equations that help you understand 'allowing'
  • (Re) Discover the Kerplunk game to aid in understanding how to manifest more quickly
  • Learn specific 'Allowing' tools that you can use to remove doubt and easily manifest
  • Understand how the 'Action Cycle' plays a role in manifesting your desires
Module 4 How to Attract More Overall Abundance + Review Time
  • Review the key tools and techniques that you have learned and share what you have discovered when you apply them
  • Discover how to attract more overall ABUNDANCE in your life
  • Learn how to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to help lessen your doubt any time a negative belief continues to stress you and throw you off manifesting what you really want
  • Write a future vision for what you would like your life to be like using the 'Wouldn't It Be Nice If' technique

Many years ago I read ‘The Secret’ followed by some Dr. Wayne Dyer books but for me something was always missing. What was missing were some of the ‘how to’ tools like the Deliberate Attraction tools. I never really understood what ‘allow it’ meant and you cleared that up for me! You simplified the process and really gave me some surprising AH HAH moments!

I was able to see clearly what I have been doing to create exactly what is present in my life. What I love the most now is using my re-set button! I am now able to see and feel and hit that button when needed. After 10 years it takes a little more time, but now that I have a much clearer understand of how the LOA works, I feel positive knowing I am on the right path.

Dana offers such a simple but effective approach that so many others have completely missed! It is a wonderful experience and easy process to implement. Since the classes are recorded you can download them and listen to them over and over which I will be doing. If you want to make changes in your life, here is your opportunity. It is never too late to have what you desire and deserve in your life! Dana will give you all the necessary tools. Worth every Penny and more!! Thank you Dana Smithers!

– Merry

Socrates quoteI believe in the Law of Attraction so much that I wanted to make this training easily affordable to you. If you have a lack mindset at the moment try this: I am in the process of attracting the money I need for any professional development course I want to take. I have a budget for this.

By becoming more mindful of how you can apply the Law of Attraction you become more empowered and if you had been playing a victim role, you’ll soon give that up!

Law of Attraction Business Abundance:
Discover Your Personal Power
Transform Your Business by Attracting Ideal Clients
Create an Abundantly Successful Business

Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs… Start Attracting More Business Abundance Now With This Home Study

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 4 Module Recorded Home Study Law of Attraction Program
1 Easy Payment of $97

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Don’t miss out on this opportunity… the possibilities are endless!