8 Week Fast Track Business Development Mentoring for Women Solopreneurs

Many solopreneurs experience a time in their business where they are just not moving forward, in fact they may even think about giving up. You might find yourself working hard but not really getting the results you want for all that hard work.

This 8 week Fast Track Business Development Mentoring Program is going to give you 1)CLARITY 2)FOCUS and we will create an 3)ACTION PLAN.

All success starts with your INTENTION.

You not only have to know ‘how to’ grow your business you also need to get rid of any negative emotions and thoughts you have about being successful. You will receive an EMOTION CODE session during the 8 week program!


Attracting Business Abundance Program

Business Abundance SeriesDo you often find yourself wishing that your life was different? Are you surrounded by negative people who aren’t interested in moving forward and growing in their personal and professional lives?

How would you like to turn up the volume on the results you are getting in your business and become really awesome the way you were meant to be?

The power to change your life is within your reach, yet many people don’t understand how to access it.

The Law of Attraction is at work every day as we consciously create our lives… most people aren’t even conscious of how they create their own reality. If things work out ‘they did it’ if they don’t they often ‘blame’ someone or something.

There are 2 options for you to choose from:

1) 4 Module Home Study Program where you work at your own pace

2) LIVE Law of Attraction training in a 4 week program


Discover Your Sacred Gifts Program

Discovering ‘Your Sacred Gifts’ will have you feeling more on purpose, letting go of work you do not love to do, find more direction and clarity by being attracted to work you love to do!

DYSG new logo June 2015The ‘Discover Your Sacred Gifts’ program was created by Monique MacDonald, a spiritual teacher who spent many years as a nurse until she felt like life was being sucked out of her! She knew there had to be more to life than what she was doing but what exactly was there and how do you find it.