Talks and Training Workshops

Law of Attraction Talks & Training Workshops

Want to learn how to attract more of what you want in your life, and less of what you don’t want? What would it feel like to have a practical tool that you could use anytime, anywhere in your life to transform a negative situation into a positive one?

In her talks Certified Law of Attraction Trainer, Business Coach and Author Dana J Smithers shares her knowledge of ‘How to Use the Law of Attraction’ to attract more ideal clients, better personal and business relationships, your ideal career, more harmonious situations and an overall more abundant life.

Dana tailors her talks to meet your group’s needs. Talks range in length from 20 minutes to 1 hour and can be any size group.

Client Testimonial:

“I’m so blessed to have had a chance to listen to Dana Smithers speak. Her passion for what she does and her life story is so inspiring. She is fun, caring, empowering and connected to her audience within seconds.

She has fantastic and practical exercises that we can all use to improve our lives even after her talk! Thanks to her, I’m working on accepting the gifts that life presents to me instead off passing along to somebody else.”

Thank you Dana,
Ludmila Rogoski (Mila)


Dana Giving a TalkGroup Session

Reduce Doubt, Release Limiting Beliefs, Reset Vibe & Refocus!

During her content-rich, active-participation talks you will:

  • Discover how the ‘Words = Results‘ relationship formula works to attract people and situations to  your life
  • Understand ‘what’ the Law of Attraction is and ‘how’ it works in your life
  • Learn the 3 Words you want to Avoid in your vocabulary
  • Discover why you keep attracting negative people or situations AND how to put a stop to that
  • Uncover hidden limiting beliefs and find out why they hold you back
  • Discover how the Reset Vibe works to reduce unwanted people and situations
  • Learn how to change your thoughts and words so you stop attracting what you DON’T WANT
  • Learn new Law of Attraction tools to help you receive what you DO WANT

Client Testimonial:

“Dana Smithers has spoken at my intimate dinner events for WOW Women. She is entertaining and a great teacher! We actually had a ‘Sold Out’ Law of Attraction event and so I invited her back for a second one!Her passion and humour attracted a fantastic crowd who hired her for their future  events!

At the WOW Conference in Kelowna at the Sparkling Hills Resort – she ‘knocked it out of the park’ this time! She disclosed more of her personal journey into how she got to where she is today ‘deliberately’ using the Law of Attraction. She is fun,  empowering and connects to her audience within seconds.

Christine Awram – WOW (Women of Worth)

Training & Workshops

These are more in-depth and are anywhere from 2 hours to a full day of action-packed participation! Training workshops are often more ‘classroom like’ and can be tailored to meet your group’s needs. Workbooks are given out while accelerated learning techniques are used so that attendees retain and use the information they learn!

WorkshopTraining Session

Discover Your Sacred Gifts Talks

Find Out How Your ‘Sacred Gifts’ Empower You!

Ever wonder why you are super effective doing certain things in your business and terrible at others? Would you like to know how to ‘feel more on purpose’ in your work? There are 24 Sacred Gifts and we all have 3 – 5 of them, they are part of your spiritual DNA.


Understanding how sacred gifts are different from your skills and talents can be insightful but knowing what they are can be life changing. If you spend a lot of time judging yourself as ‘not good enough’ you can release trying to be ‘all things to all people’ because you will know you don’t need to be!

Client Testimonial:

“Dana came to talk to at an eWomenNetwork dinner event in Victoria about Discovering Your Sacred Gifts. It was a very interesting to learn how to identify what we are naturally good at, and how that applies to our business, practically.

 The audience enjoyed her talk a lot. They came away with identified gifts and the tools to recognize more.
I would recommend Dana to speak at any organization.
Jane Johnston – Executive Managing Director eWomen Network Victoria BC

What you’ll take away from this powerful session:

  • Understand the difference between your Sacred Gifts versus your talents and skills
  • Know the 4 signs or clues to your Sacred Gifts
  • Have the ‘Feel On Purpose’ formula
  • Gain insight into what gifts you may have
  • Realize why people with the same Sacred Gifts succeed and some don’t
  • Let go of self-judgement and the worthless time you spend on judging others

Contact Dana to bring her Law of Attraction or Discover Your Sacred Gifts talks or
training workshops to your organization!