Personal Philosophies

Dana’s Personal Philosophies

“Do What Matters To You and…”

Several years ago I went to a talk Oprah Winfrey was giving to an eager crowd of 300 people. Her talk was inspirational and yet during the talk I didn’t have any ‘ah ha’ moments – that came the next morning when I woke up. The little voice said, “Do what matters”. and I thought what do you mean ‘Do what matters’? The reply was “In everything”. So this has become a cornerstone in my life when I am making choices about where I want to spend my time, money and energy.

When you use the tools from the Law of Attraction you only focus on what you want which helps you manifest your desires faster. The words you say, the thoughts you think, the feelings you get from those thoughts all lead you to the result you get. You are that powerful!

“… the Money Will Follow”

Having become a Certified Sacred Gifts Guide‘ I now understand that we are all born with ‘sacred gifts’ and our ‘human-ness’ plays a key role in the abundance we have in our life. Once you find out what your sacred gifts are, I believe you will be lead to finding your passion and definitely you will feel more on purpose. Your life will have more meaning and bring you more of the joy you may have been missing!

I also believe you are here to use your sacred gifts to improve the quality of life for all of us on the planet. We all have stories and limiting beliefs that block our chakra energy. When energy is blocked ‘abundance’ does not flow in or out and we can spiral down with our debilitating negative thoughts. When you are in a business where you are using your sacred gifts, you are doing what matters and the money that matters will follow.

“If I Can Do It, You Can Do It”

For years I have always said to any woman whom I have taught or coached “If I can do it, you can do it. I am no different than you.” I started my first business when I was approaching 50 years old! And I went from my first year part time in a brand new business (to me) from a low 5 figure income to tripling that in a short time to a 6 figure income.

And yes I am intelligent and driven and my hunch is that so are you or you probably wouldn’t be reading this page! You are smart and if you really have found something you are passionate about then do the research. Who is doing what you want to do? Get the tools you need to become an expert in your field. Take courses; find a mentor or coach; hang around smart like-minded brilliant entrepreneurs; immerse yourself in the world of women entrepreneurs.

And if you are ‘faint of heart’, then being an entrepreneur may not be the route for you to go. But do yourself the favour of talking to other women who have done what you are doing or who can give you some good, sound advice.

This is what is called ‘Allowing’ in the Law of Attraction where you look for evidence of other people who have succeeded. Start connecting with women (or men) who inspire you so that you can be in their energy. Model what they do and then become your ‘authentic’ self as you build a business you are passionate about.

“You Are In Business For Yourself, But Not ‘By’ Yourself”

In the beginning of starting my business I struggled without a coach and made many, many mistakes. I had that ‘scarcity consciousness’ of not having enough money to hire a coach. When I finally hired my first coach everything changed for me – for the good. Since that time I have had several coaches over the years some in business and some for spiritual growth.

Once I realized how important it was for me to have support around me I started delegating so that I focused only on the work I needed to do. In time I hired a virtual assistant, bookkeeper, graphic designer and other professionals when I needed them on a contract basis.

Having a coach made such a huge difference in keeping me focused, supported and having a sounding board to bounce ideas with. They were my accountability partner and I felt good about stepping up and owning my power. I currently have 2 coaches that I work with to work on me and my business!

“The Way You Do Anything, Is The Way You Do Everything”

This is not an original quote by me but it is one I have heard many of my coaches, teachers and mentors use over the years. When any of us are up against challenging situations we have to make choices about how we want to handle things and face the consequences from those choices.

We can ignore things we want to change and we can say we want change but never really do anything about it.

The choice is always ours.

We create patterns of behavior that ultimately shape us. If you look at your life choices you can see your pattern. If you like what you see then keep on doing things to get great results. If you don’t like the pattern you see, coaching can help you to change your patterns but it must be a conscious choice you make.

However, if you do keep doing what you are doing and expecting a different result well… I would ask you “How’s that working for you?”

Ready to change your life? Find out which program is right for you…

If you are unsure where to start on your journey then let’s have a chat about that. Starting off with my ‘Discover Your Sacred Gifts‘ mentoring program might be a good start if you are really unclear about ‘why’ you are in business and what brings you ‘joy’ every single day.

I offer other programs such as my private coaching and mentoring or my group 8 Week Fast Track Business Development program; the Law of Attraction Program which is offered as a LIVE program and/or a Home Study Recorded program for you to work through the tools that allow you to manifest in any area of your life.

As a Certified Emotion Code practitioner I can help you release negative trapped emotions through a non-invasive energy healing technique. I work directly with you to get rid of trapped emotions that are holding you back from achieving the results you want in relationships, health, finances, career and even with aches and pains in your body that just won’t go away!

If you are just starting out I’ll guide you through the process, helping you create systems to save you time, money and energy.

If you feel that I am a ‘vibrational match’ to you then please contact me. And if now is not the right time I am totally fine with that and wish you much success, and I hope that one day when you really want to make a change – you will!