Meet Dana

Meet Dana


Dana J Smithers is passionate about helping women entrepreneurs to create a business that they are in love with. She knows what it’s like to go through the motions of earning a living and not being passionate about what you are doing. Today she is living a life that she loves and has created a business model that works for her.

At the age of 50 she left a 20+ successful corporate career working for a multinational billion dollar human resource company looking for the ‘passion’ that had fizzled. She became a solopreneur and moved into the world of interior decorating and home staging. She became laser focused and grew her business to a 6 figure income while establishing a reputation as one of Canada’s leading home staging experts. She then started a home staging school, wrote a popular home staging business book with a heavy focus on marketing,  and started a separate coaching business that women entrepreneurs rave about.  She eventually sold her home staging school and focuses 100% on helping women entrepreneurs worldwide achieve the results they are seeking.

Dana relates to the struggles women entrepreneurs have whether they are starting out, starting over or feeling stuck. When she started her coaching practice she found that most new entrepreneurs were fabulous at their craft but so good at creating a profitable business model. As a Certified Law of Attraction Trainer she enjoys seeing the transformation of her clients from the worry of ‘lack issues’ whether it’s not enough time, money or energy into the triumph of a ‘business abundance mindset’. Her business savvy allows her to quickly assess what her clients need to do to attract ideal clients. She works with limiting beliefs that hold back entrepreneurs back from achieving the success they deserve.

While she is living a life that she loves it wasn’t always the case. At age 35 she hit rock bottom – broke, divorced, working 3 jobs and living with a man she no longer respected, her mindset was in the gutter.  Fortunately she had her ‘ah ha’ moment and found her inner courage to let go of her ‘victim mindset’ and within a short time, started her spiritual journey.

Like many entrepreneurs Dana has always taken both personal and professional development courses and several years ago came across a course called ‘Discover Your Sacred Gifts’. She became a Certified Sacred Gifts Guide and she is now training others to become Certified Sacred Gift Guides. Dana knows what a terrific tool this is for her as a coach and mentor. She knows when women entrepreneurs know their 3 – 5 Sacred Gifts they feel more on purpose and are aligned with their life purpose.

One other tool Dana added so that she could work with the ‘whole- mind, body, spirit’ of an entrepreneur was the Emotion Code. She became a Certified Emotion Code practitioner to help entrepreneurs release their trapped emotions that were holding them back from achieving the results they wanted.

Dana’s mission is to educate, inspire and empower women entrepreneurs to live a rich, full and happy life doing what they love. We are all here to serve and to make a difference in the world.

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