How To Attract Your Perfect Partner – Law of Attraction Style!

Are you someone who is ‘wishing’ you could attract your perfect partner? Do you also get hugely discouraged when you go out with someone who is just sooooooooo not a match for you?

Your friends might have had the best intentions or maybe you went on a few sites to find your match but to no avail only frustration!

Since I used the Law of Attraction tools to meet my future husband after being divorced for 20 years I wanted to share a Step-By-Step LOA Process that might just help you attract your match!

Young couple in love

Step-by-Step Law of Attraction Process

To Attract A Great Relationship

  1. First it’s best to determine the qualities you want in your partner. This is called ‘Identifying Your Ideal Partner’ exercise and be clear if this is to be a friend or do you have marriage or living together in mind.  It’s easy to make what is called a ‘Clarity Through Contrast’ list by taking a sheet of paper and at the top put the heading ‘My Ideal Partner’. Beneath that on the left hand side write ‘Contrast – What I DO NOT WANT’ and on the right hand side write ‘Clarity – What I DO WANT’. Just let your thoughts free flow down the Contrast side and do up to about 50 if you can. You don’t have to do this in one sitting you can do it over a few days. Then read out each DO NOT WANT response and on the right hand side write what you DO WANT. By the time you finish this list you should be pretty clear on the type of person you are looking for that would suit you best.
  2. Now that you know the type of partner you are looking for you need to think about where you might meet your new partner. Today many people are meeting potential partners through online dating sites, blind or not-so-blind dates where friends are connecting you with someone they think you might like. Some people might meet someone networking or at a social function like a wedding or a conference.  Do you know of someone who met their life partner in a shopping line? Or waiting in line to by hockey tickets? In any of these scenarios as long as you have identified the qualities you are looking for you are more likely to attract someone with some of these qualities.
  3. The next step is to write out a page or two of how you will feel when you are with this person. You might say things like “I am so excited to have found someone who loves skiing as much as I do’ or “I love knowing that my new partner is very romantic and loves to go dancing’, etc. Write whatever you feel will make you feel great when you are with this person and write ‘as if’ it has already happened. You might want to start a vision board with pictures of what you want your relationship to look like.
  4. The final step is what is called ‘Allowing’ and it means that once you have put out there what you want you need to let it be. No frantic, desperate feelings as you wait because since you know ‘like vibrations attract like vibrations’ you will only attract someone who is desperate and needy! Now every single time you get one iota of evidence that you are getting closer to attracting the type of person you want in the type of relationship you want then celebrate this! It’s a good idea to keep a journal and express gratitude for all the great people that are coming into your life – even if, they are not yet your ideal partner.

Stay focused on the type of person you want and keep these notes you have made in front of you and not hidden away in a drawer. The Law of Attraction states that you attract into your life whatever you put your attention, energy or focus on whether wanted or unwanted. Expect the perfect match to start showing up – it might even happen before you have written everything out.

And I can tell you this work because I am the proof of that! In May 1997 I did this process and by August 1997 I had met my future husband.

Here are a few RESOURCES that I used as well as deliberate Law of Attraction Manifesting tools:

Books written by Judith Sills:

The one that really turned things around for me was :

And Esther & Jerry Hicks talk about  relationships in general in The Vortex: Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships