Is It Finally Time To Release Your ‘Trapped Emotions’?

Did You Know That You May Have ‘Trapped Emotions’ That Are holding You Back From Achieving the Results You Want In Both Your Business and Personal Life?

All of us have trapped emotions that are unprocessed negative emotions. You can call this baggage, issues or hang-ups and some people call this ‘karma’. These ‘trapped emotions’ have been lodging themselves in your body your entire life, and some may even be inherited from your parents or ancestors. And your beloved pets can also have trapped emotions that are causing dysfunctional behaviour or even depression!

Think of trapped emotions as CONES – on the road they have you take different directions that you may not want to take but you feel stuck. Theses cones aka trapped negative emotions reside in your body until you remove them!

The Good News Is:

You do not have to live with them nor do your pets!  There is a type of energy healing called ‘The Emotion Code’ that can release these trapped, negative emotions. When the Emotion Code technique is used it identifies and releases your trapped emotions which are harmful energies in your body. It works the same way on your pets although the process is slightly different.

An Emotion Code session can be done in person, by phone, by Skype or by sending an email stating the issues – emotional or pain in either you or your pet.

What My Clients Are Saying:

I was introduced to the Emotion Code technique at a conference where Dr. Bradley Nelson spoke. However it wasn’t until months later when I worked with Dana that I had an opportunity to experience the benefits first hand.

During my session Dana provided an overview of the technique and then asked me a few simple questions. I was amazed at how my body responded. One of the most notable outcomes was the reduction in pain in my upper leg and the release of emotions that had been trapped for years. Dana was very insightful, sensitive and supportive throughout the session. It was a very positive experience. “

Nicole B


What My Clients Are Saying:

“I had several sessions with Dana, the first because I was in quite a bit of stomach pain. I’d been to the doctor and things were not really getting better. I thought it had to do with stress, but the pain was certainly real. By the end of that session the pain was completely gone and has not returned!

We also worked on many issues tied to relationship childhood traumas, and I felt much less stressed and more calm after each one.

I am a strong support of Emotion Code Therapy and am very impressed with Dana’s use of it and would highly recommend her to anyone!”

 Debra J Crossman –

Relax, The Emotion Code Process is Pain Free…

The path to a new way of feeling and being requires that you release these old, negative trapped emotions. The Emotion Code technique is a simple, pain free, non-invasive type of energy healing. The process requires that you discuss what pain or issue you want resolved and the practitioner finds out which of the 60 emotions is blocking you.

Once we uncover the negative, trapped emotions we release them so they will no longer be part of your subconscious memory. Everyone processes their emotions differently. You may find that after you have an Emotion Code session that you feel fantastic – like a huge weight has dropped of your shoulders. Or, you may feel like taking a nap and hiding out for a few days while your emotional process is taking place. You may feel a release immediately or it may take a few days or few weeks before your body is ready to release those trapped emotions. After all, they have been with you for a very long time.

Do You Feel Something Is Stopping You From Having a Healthy, Romantic Relationship?

It may be that you have trapped emotions that have created a wall around your heart known as a ‘heart wall. You see chances are at some point in your life you may have had your heart ‘broken’. When you felt that way your subconscious mind created protection around your heart in the form of a ‘wall’.

That wall is comprised of negative trapped emotions that cause your heart to ‘hurt’. These energies or negative feelings of being hurt  = your trapped emotions which become like building materials that protect your heart. They can be made of anything and hundreds of feet thick!

Interestingly enough, the brain actually takes orders from the heart which has a mind of its own. So when your heart feels sad or frustrated or unsafe, it keeps building your ‘wall’ and telling your mind not to take a chance on love.

Over time you could just give up on ever having a relationship OR you could release those trapped emotions through several Emotion Code sessions.

What My Clients Are Saying About Their Pets:

I am grateful to Dana Smithers for her help in working with one of my dogs. Obviously, for me to communicate with Lowma is mostly guess work because he can’t speak. But my goodness can he ever “speak” in his own way! And that was the problem. When the dogs spotted a squirrel or neighbor cat in the yard the barking was unbearable. Lowma would build on our other dog’s energy and his barking would escalate. I’d tried the tips trainers had offered but it wasn’t getting through to him. I wanted an “acknowledgement” bark from him so I could come to the window and see what the issue was, but after that, I wanted the barking to stop. In just one session Dana found Lowma’s blocks (many of which made sense to his backstory) and I’m so happy to report that squirrels have become a much easier issue in our home thanks to her work! “

– Ronda on behalf of her dog Lowma