Not Sure How To Grow Your Business? Can’t Even Get It Off The Ground? Your Negative Thinking Is Driving You Crazy?


Whether you are just starting up, starting over or you are an established entrepreneur who is  struggling, know that every entrepreneur experiences times of feeling overwhelmed and has limiting beliefs about their ability to make it as a successful entrepreneur.

There are 2 COACHING & MENTORING PROGRAMS you can choose from:

  1. One-on-one Private Coaching – This is a personalized program set up to meet your needs and your time frame; it may be one call for one hour per week or one call for one hour every other week for as long as is needed for you to achieve and meet your goals. This program is typically 3 months with 13 sessions.

2. 8 Week Fast Track Business Development – ‘Business With Soul’ Mentoring Program – 8 sessions @ 1 hour each of mentoring/coaching with a 15 minute Emotion Code Session

What clients are saying…

“Over the past year Dana Smithers has been more than a business coach to me. As an image strategist my life-long dream was to create a training program so that other women could do what I do.

Dana has acted as my business advisor to create my training program. She designed the entire week long program from inception to completion of the final details based on her expertise having created her own training programs. She supported me in so many ways it’s impossible to name them all – my confidence has grown, and while I’ve always been terrified of public speaking, I enjoy doing my signature presentation now!

I know that without her professional guidance and advice I would not be where I am not today. With deep gratitude, thank you Dana. “

Patti Morrison – Image Strategist

If You Are Starting Up…

I just love the fact there are so many women starting up small businesses. Unfortunately many of these brilliant women have no one to guide them along to the road of success. You might be one of these amazing women with a brilliant idea but you really don’t know how to go about starting up your business.

You may have heard some business terms such as ideal client, branding, marketing strategies, networking, SEO, social media, sales strategies, and lots of other terms but not really understood what each one means or the key role that they play in creating a successful business. You might even say you have no idea why you even need to know about them.

Perhaps you are someone who still has a job working for someone else and you want to become a self-employed entrepreneur. You might need to have a ‘transition plan’ so that you reduce the stress you are feeling around taking your big leap of faith. Fear not, this is where I come in – I’ve been where you are and I can guide you along on your journey to success!

What clients are saying…

“I’ve worked with Dana for several years now and she is not your typical coach, in fact, she has a non-traditional approach to finding out what is holding you back and what action you need to take to move forward.

She uses a lot of law of attraction tools and processes and more recently has been using the Emotion Code to release my trapped emotions. When we first started my goal was to increase my business as a successful and very busy realtor.II benefited from Dana’s wise counsel and for years successfully grew my business.

 I now find my life at a new crossroads and Dana has been helping me look at my sacred gifts and just what exactly makes me happy. I appreciate women mentors like Dana who understand what it’s like to be an entrepreneur and trying to find balance and fulfillment in life.  I will continue to work with Dana as she is also my catalyst to having the best life possible for me”

 Nina Campbell Realtor

If You Are Starting Over…

Many women entrepreneurs reach a point in their business life where what they did in the past is no longer working for them in the present. It may be because they may have had children since they first launched or experienced an illness themselves or in the family that needed their attention more than their business and now it’s time to re-energize and refocus.

You might be one of these women who is feeling a little ‘dull’ these days and the passion that you once had is gone and you want it back! You want to feel inspired again! Perhaps it’s time for a rebrand and refreshing of your website. Having someone to bounce ideas off and create effective marketing strategies might be exactly what you need to kick-start this next phase of your business!

Years ago business seemed less complicated but now you know that you need to ‘up your game’ to become profitable and to attract more clients. Times change and peoples’ needs change. Maybe you haven’t caught up yet but you are ready to learn more contemporary marketing strategies and make better decisions.

Whatever the reason for ‘starting over’, let’s talk so we can get you focused 100% on growing your business to the next level. And let’s have some fun doing it!

If You are a Stuck Entrepreneur…

You may find that you are facing many of the same challenges as the entrepreneur who is ‘starting over’. On top of some of the same challenges perhaps you have lost your confidence and the thought of doing ‘sales calls’ is actually mortifying to you now! Or, are you somewhat of a procrastinator who needs some real help with time management and learning how to say ‘No’ to things that do not serve  you in your business any longer?

Whatever your reasons i.e. limiting beliefs for feeling ‘stuck’ you can get over these. These limiting beliefs are your blocks that are holding you back from your greatness. Using the Law of Attraction we can knock down these blocks and create a clear path for you to get unstuck and create your ideal business life.

Wherever you see yourself in your business know that

…you are in business for yourself but not by yourself!

What clients are saying…

“Dana is a very insightful coach with a keen eye for business. She is compassionate yet doesn’t stand for any excuses or BS, for which I’m very grateful.  I recently had an opportunity to work with Dana and in just two laser sessions I got crystal clear on my target market, my message, and the gifts I have to offer my clients.  I also came away with a solid, actionable strategy for rebranding and implementing my marketing plan.

The most impactful aspect of my sessions with Dana is how re-energized and re-engaged I am with my purpose and mission for my business—thank you for that!  I truly enjoyed our sessions together—we connected and had a lot of fun while getting quite a bit accomplished.  

I recommend Dana to anyone looking for a breakthrough to move themselves forward to another level in their business.”

Katy Papadopolous – Being Unstoppable


The first step is for you to complete my ‘About You’ Get Acquainted Questionnaire. This allows me to know a bit more about you and what kind of challenges you are facing. You can read more about me under my ‘Meet Dana’ profile.

My ‘Law of Attraction’ coaching is personalized to meet your individual business needs. While I am not a ‘therapist’ I tell my clients that I have had a lot of therapy and often find that something I learned is a good solution for a challenge you may be facing! Sometimes our personal life crosses over into our business life but my coaching is focused on assisting and encouraging you in implementing what you need to do to get the results in business that you are looking for.

Once you have completed the ‘About You’ form it comes to me personally. I will then call you to set up your 30 minute Complimentary Coaching call. From this call we will determine what the next steps are for us.

What The Program Offers To Solve…But Not Limited To

When you hire me, since my archetype is that of ‘teacher’ my style typically involves setting 3 goals with you. By setting goals we both know what you decided you wanted to accomplish and can accurately measure your success.

The topics that come up the most often that I find solutions or make suggestions for are:

  • Website review – Is it attracting your ideal client?
  • Social media presence – Are you connecting with your clients?
  • Branding – Are you sending a clear message to your ideal client with a consistent brand?
  • Marketing strategies – Do you know who your target market is?
  • Marketing plan – Have you planned out the year?
  • Limiting beliefs – Do you make up stories why you can’t succeed?
  • Strategic Alliances – Do you have ‘go to’ people to grow your business?
  • Law of Attraction – Know how to manifest more of what you want and less of what you don’t want?
  • Business Plan – Do you know what is the best business model for you and how to grow your business?
  • Time Management – Are you making the most of your time or doing ‘busy’ work?
  • And any other topics that help you grow your business!

I become your ‘accountability’ partner, in a good way. If you come up against blocks in moving forward we can work through those with some tools that I have been trained in and have also used over the years.


1) One-On-One Private Coaching

Length: Time frame is determined after our initial conversation of what your goals are. This is a personalized program that meets your needs and empowers to you to accomplish your goals.

Number of Sessions: Number of calls will be determined – (on Zoom, Skype or phone) per month or every other week

Length of Calls: 60 minute duration is the typical length (if session requires we go a little over, then we do)

Number of Emails: 4 emails per month (to review what you are working on, to assist with marketing, website, etc.)


BONUS #1 – Law of Attraction Business Abundance Program (Recorded)

  • Work at your own pace…
  • There are 4 recorded 1 hour Law of Attraction Home Study Modules for you to watch and listen to
  • In each Module you will learn a key principle, tool, process or formula from the Law of Attraction with a focus on growing your business and eliminating limiting beliefs
  • You will receive a 30 page workbook to complete during the program which you will always have as a reference

BONUS #2 – Discover Your Sacred Gifts

  • There are 24 Sacred Gifts and you will discover which are your 3 – 5; once you know what they are you will have more direction so that you will feel more purpose in your life
  • Sacred Gifts are different from talents and skills and they allow you more insight into where you ‘sacred’ passion lies
  • You will work through Level 1 of the Discover Your Sacred Gifts program by doing an inventory to determine your gifts
  • Your sacred gifts are meant to be of benefit to someone else, bring you meaning in your life and great joy serving others



  • To help you really move forward in your business during every session you will receive an Emotion Code session that will release any trapped emotions you may have from moving you forward!
  • Watch the video for more information on how that works and read some awesome testimonials with amazing results!



2) 8 Week Fast Track Business Development Mentoring Program

Length: 8 Weeks with a specific day and time each week

Number of Sessions: 1 call per week on Zoom or Skype

Length of Calls:  60 minutes in total – 45 minutes working on your challenges and goals; 15 minutes for an Emotion Code session to release trapped negative emotions so you can move forward quickly to attain your goals.


Ready to find out how I can help you and your specific challenges?

If you said “Yes! I am interested in hearing more about Dana’s Law of Attraction Coaching programs”

…then just click on this link ‘ABOUT YOU’ and you will arrive at my ‘Get Acquainted’ call form that you need to fill out. Once I receive it I will contact you to book your free 30 minute Complimentary “Get Acquainted Call” session with me to find out how we can get you focused on creating the business you have only dreamed about!

” As a new entrepreneur starting out full time as a videographer I knew that I needed some coaching to expedite the process of creating a business. I met Dana at a networking event and checked out her profile and felt that her corporate and solopreneur backgrounds were a good fit for me.

My decision to hire Dana was quick as her immediate feedback was honest and direct, delivered in a manner of care and consideration. If you are a business owner that’s new to the world of entrepreneurship, Dana is an excellent resource.

She moved me in the right direction and showed me the influence that networking can have on your business, and is always there to listen and help you talk through a difficult challenge.

I would recommend Dana’s law of attraction coaching style services to anyone looking to get their business off the ground and develop the mindset needed to achieve this success.

Jamie Munro

Chief Videographer