Every entrepreneur will go through ‘growing pains’ whether they are in start-up mode, stuck mode or fast-forward mode. There are cycles in entrepreneurship that you may never have been aware of.

Entrepreneurship Can Be A Roller Coaster Ride

There are ups and downs along the way and if you have learned whatever it was you needed to learn, the next ‘down’ is never as far down as the first ones! The highs are great and the feelings you have when you reach new heights inspire you to go further!

7 Things Every Entrepreneur Needs to Do To Succeed

There are some really important ‘things’ I have learned over the years and I wanted to share those with you so you would know what will help you succeed or, perhaps have you look at your life somewhat differently.

How Would You Measure Yourself?

You can use this as a kind of self-assessment tool to determine if you have used any or all of these ‘Success Measurements’ in your business.  This list could continue on and on and on…but I chose ones that resonated with me. What ones would you add?


1. Know Your SACRED GIFTS – there are 24 Sacred Gifts, and each one of us has 3 – 5. These sacred gifts are used for the benefit of others, have meaning for you and bring you great joy when you are sharing them. You ‘Feel On Purpose‘ when you are using your gifts and, you make the world a better place. You will attract more ideal clients when you use your Sacred Gifts.

2. PERSEVERE Against All Odds – there are times when all your positive energy turns negative – that’s a natural part of being an entrepreneur. We succeed – we learn – we make changes – we succeed – we learn – we make changes, etc etc. Every hurdle you jump over moves you closer to your goals. Go back and think about your ‘WHY’ you started your business in the first place. Think about what your life would look like IF you were no longer doing what you do. Clarity in your business is what attracts ideal clients to you. Focus keeps you moving forward. Perseverance gets you there.

3.  Say YES to Opportunities – pay close attention to what opportunities you attract and ask yourself if this is a good decision at this time. I often say YES to opportunities that come my way EVEN WHEN I am not 100% sure how I am going to accomplish something! Be discerning about when you say YES because your time, money and energy is precious! Put your ‘ASK’ out there so other entrepreneurs know what it is you are looking for. After all if you don’t ask the Universe has no idea what to bring you.

4.  Do What Makes You HAPPY – your ‘WHY’ you are in business should make you smile and feel good when you are delivering your services. If you find there are things in your business that bring up negative emotions then find a way to delegate that part of your business to someone who has the right sacred gifts for the work. Keep focusing on what really makes you happy in your work and then find ways to attract more of that ‘happiness factor’ into your day.  When you do take your breaks (I know you think you need to run your business 24/7 but you really don’t) make sure you give yourself enough time to replenish and refresh your mind, body and spirit.

5.  Be a Life-Long LEARNER – you will never, ever know everything you need to know about running a successful business … because everything changes. Technology will continue to evolve and you will need to find ways to keep up, or hire techy people to keep you apprised of what needs to be done. With more and more businesses going on line you may need to look at this and decide if this is a good route for you or not. If not, there are plenty of people offering courses for you to become a master in your business.  Select the teachers who resonate with you or ask others whom you respect who do they suggest. Keep on learning and you will continue to grow a successful business. Remember to deliberately ask the Law of Attraction for what you need to know, do or have…and then ‘Allow’ it to come to you.

6.  Do What Makes You UNCOMFORTABLE – oh oh scary one! It may seem so in the beginning but if you set your ‘intention’ that you will benefit from doing what makes you feel uncomfortable, then that will be the end result. Getting uncomfortable means you getting out of your comfort zone – you know that place where life is easy peasy and yet…you know something is missing. Perhaps you’ve become bored with what you offer or even need to do something physical to loosen up what feels tight in your life. You’ve heard this one: Face the fear and do it anyway…. so go on just do it!

7.  Find VIBRATIONAL MATCHES – who you hang out with is super important in life. Find positive, like-minded people who want to see you succeed. Find people who support you, help you when you need it, understand you when you’re confused, and are committed to seeing you grow in healthy, functional ways. You know when you are in the company of low-vibe negative people – life’s a drag for them, everyone is doing something to them, they take no ownership of how their life has turned out. Send them lovingly on their way and continue to put out to the Universe exactly the type of people you want to be with or, be like! Your choice.

PS If you feel like you have some trapped negative emotions connect with me so we can do some Emotion Code sessions to release those emotions and get you moving forward!