The #1 Secret To Free You From The Frustration of Trying to Figure Out or Find Your Life Purpose

Do you feel like life is sucking the energy right out of you and you don’t know why? Is it finally time to discover those missing pieces to the puzzle of what your contribution is this lifetime?

This is your chance to find out what makes you ‘Feel On Purpose’ and then next steps in creating a happier, more fulfilling future. In just 4 weeks you can change your life! All you need to do is SIGN UP for the DISCOVER YOUR SACRED GIFTS online program!

DYSG new logo June 2015 We all have Sacred Gifts that are meant to benefit other people while bringing us great Joy. Your gifts may be buried or just dormant which is why you may be feeling that your life doesn’t have a whole lot of meaning!

Next Program starts on Wednesday SEPTEMBER 20th at 5pm – 6pm PT / 8pm – 9pm  ET

4 Sessions Discover Your Sacred Gifts Online Program Details:

  • Week 1– Introduction to Sacred Gifts
  • Week 2 –  Uncovering Your Sacred Gifts
  • Week 3 –Revealing Your Sacred Gifts
  • Week 4 – Next Steps In Using Your Sacred Gifts

What Clients Are Saying…

I would love to take a moment and thank Dana so much for introducing me to my Sacred Gifts.  What an eye opener it was for me to realize what my gifts were and also to have a better understanding of what gifts I didn’t have.   This program lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. It finally get okay not to enjoy certain things.  I would recommend this program to everyone!!!  It will really open your eyes to why people are they way they are.  

Candace Gish – Divas That Care

I’ve worked with Dana several times over the last couple of years and recently was drawn to enroll in the Discover Your Sacred Gifts program that she offers, as it seemed like the next logical step in my self-development and healing process.  

I discovered that, on some level, I was already aware of a couple of my gifts but not all of them. Completing this program shed light on the gifts I was unaware of and provided a completely different perspective on those that I already knew.  It’s difficult for me to articulate the deep certainty and groundedness that I’m now experiencing around what I have to offer the world that’s meaningful to me.  There’s this feeling of relief and of “wow, that’s ME!” that has created a sense of wonder and delight and is starting to illuminate my life’s purpose.

Thank you Dana for your guidance and love.  I’m so grateful for you.

Katy P – In Transition!