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Emotion Codes

Emotion Codes


Do you sometimes feel stuck in your personal or business life? Does this sometimes show up in your body as pain in the neck, shoulder or heart-ache? Would you like to let go of worry about your money, your health and/or your relationships so you feel happier and more content? The Emotion Code is a non-invasive technique that releases your negative emotions that have built up over your lifetime from negative events in your life.

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Not moving forward in your business? Even thinking about giving up? Find yourself working hard and feeling overwhelmed AND not really getting the results you want for all that hard work? Well a great solution for you may be either my Private Business Coaching or my 8 Week Fast Track Business Development Program

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Discover Your Sacred Gifts

Sacred Gifts Program

Are you feeling drained by the work you do every day? Would you like to find more joy in your work and spend days where the time has just flown by and you feel energized? Once you discover your Sacred Gifts you will know what makes you feel more on purpose and what gives your life more meaning…

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Law of Attraction Programs

Frustrated with the direction your personal and/or business life is heading? Did you know you have the power within you to attract more of what you really want and less of what you don’t want? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had some Law of Attraction tools and processes to live a happier, more abundant life? Check out our Law of Attraction – Business Abundance Home Study Program and the Law of Attraction – Mind Power Program.

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The #1 Secret To Free You From The Frustration of Trying to Figure Out or Find Your Life Purpose Do you feel like life is sucking the energy right out of you and you don’t know why? Is it finally time to...



“I had read a Law of Attraction book a few years ago and have always been amazed and yet not surprised when you set your mind in a positive mode how much that attracts wonderful things to you. I really love the 3 Step Deliberate Attraction formula. For me now, I am going to be so much more mindful of LOA in my daily life and when I set a direction and it doesn’t quite happen in the time or way I imagined. I’ll be using the Reset Button (I love that) when I get distracted or discouraged. Also I have more clarity which I struggle with sometimes as I tend to see so many possibilities probably because of my positive, creative nature. I love setting a small LOA not just the big ones and watching it show up in my life. Since taking your LOA program I took your advice and set my mind on one LOA subject and have things happening already! It also helped me with a tough decision I made instantly and haven’t looked back. I am more open to other possibilities and if I find something is not working, I make the changes with more ease. I would highly recommend this course to other people. Dana your positive, insightful nature and your ease in teaching and coaching others would be most helpful to anyone. Thank you for putting this series together. Who wouldn’t like more light and positive reinforcement in their life. It really helped me.”
Tracy DedrickPerryl Style
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