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Are you in start-up, starting-over or stuck mode in your business? Do you often feel overwhelmed in your business and not sure how to get focused on what will bring you the best results in the shortest amount of time?

How would you feel if you had someone to guide you through the process of…

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Dana Smithers during coaching session

Law of Attraction Programs

Are you a business owner who consistently attracts clients who don’t pay you on time or worse yet – what you are worth? Do you struggle with feeling like the world is ‘doing things to you’ and can’t control what’s happening in your life? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could have ‘Law of Attraction’ tools…

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Mastermind program for Women Entrepreneurs

Are you an entrepreneur or solopreneur who often feels isolated and would love to connect with 6 other like-minded brilliant entrepreneurs from around the globe? Do you wish you had your own ‘team’ to bounce ideas off and knew about resources other entrepreneurs are using to create a successful business for themselves? How would it feel to you if you could just be totally honest…

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Law of Attraction Mastermind Program with Dana Smithers

Discover Your Sacred Gifts

Sacred Gifts Program

Are you feeling drained by the work you do every day? Would you like to find more joy in your work and spend days where the time has just flown by and you feel energized? Once you discover your Sacred Gifts you will know what makes you feel more on purpose and what gives your life more meaning…

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Dana Smithers


Episode #25 – 3 Biggest Transitioning Mistakes of Entrepreneurs!

Join my guest Petra Mayer, a Business Strategy Expert,  LIVE on November 18th 2015 at 9 am PT/12 pm ET on my G+ Hangout and find out how to AVOID the 3 Biggest Transitioning Mistakes of...



“Having this program as a Google+ hangout was a real advantage. I liked the ability to see and participate in person or from wherever you are (home, office, while traveling), as long as you have access to a computer, tablet, or smart phone with audio and video capabilities It adds another level of learning, when you can do that. Webinars are great, but the ability to participate live is not part of that process. What I learned is that each of us, me included has certain gifts that we are meant to share with others. As well, there are gifts that we do not have and this is freeing in the way. I can let others shine, that have those gifts that I do not have, and let myself off the hook for them! As well, if I notice that someone is not working or doing things the way I do, it simply means that their gifts are most likely different than mine, and therefore I do not have to judge them because of that. It is a win, win situation, and we can capitalize on each other’s gifts. While I recognize that I am already using some of my gifts in my life, I can see how I can use them even more. I also see that there are some of my gifts that I have not been using and plan on exploring them further… Knowing my sacred gifts has also given me confidence in myself, that I do have strengths in certain areas, and can be successful in using them to help others. I really enjoyed the program, looked forward to each new week how it was presented, using the Google+ Hangout platform. Dana was very knowledgeable on the subject and presented in a very professional manner. Thank you”
Brenda EatonSylvan Lake, Alberta
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