Not moving forward in your business? Even thinking about giving up? Find yourself working hard and feeling overwhelmed AND not really getting the results you want for all that hard work? Well a great solution for you may be either my Private Business Coaching or my 8 Week Fast Track Business Development Program

Fast Track

Emotion Codes


Do you sometimes feel stuck in your personal or business life? Does this sometimes show up in your body as pain in the neck, shoulder or heart-ache? Would you like to let go of worry about your money, your health and/or your relationships so you feel happier and more content? The Emotion Code is a non-invasive technique that releases your negative emotions that have built up over your lifetime from negative events in your life.

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Sacred Gifts Program

Are you feeling drained by the work you do every day? Would you like to find more joy in your work and spend days where the time has just flown by and you feel energized? Once you discover your Sacred Gifts you will know what makes you feel more on purpose and what gives your life more meaning…

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Discover Your Sacred Gifts

Law of Attraction Programs

Are you a business owner who consistently attracts clients who don’t pay you on time or worse yet – what you are worth? Do you struggle with feeling like the world is ‘doing things to you’ and can’t control what’s happening in your life? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could have ‘Law of Attraction’ tools…

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2 Day Workshop: Discover Your Sacred Gifts – Abbotsford BC – February 18 + 19, 2017

The #1 Secret To Free You From The Frustration of Trying to Figure Out or Find Your Purpose Discover Your Sacred Gifts February 18 – 19, 2017  Location Abbotsford, BC SANDMAN HOTEL Saturday 9:00...



I loved Dana’s 8 week fast track program. Her energy and professionalism was something I looked forward to each week. I enjoyed the dynamic of hearing what the other people in the group were doing and what their challenges were. I really need to be held accountable and this program was perfect for that. I felt like each week I was more focused on what I needed to do. I enjoyed hearing about how to use the Law of Attraction and I especially liked creating a vibrational business plan board. Thank you Dana for you leadership and I’m looking forward to learning more from you!
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