Are you in start-up, starting-over or stuck mode in your business? Do you often feel overwhelmed in your business and not sure how to get focused on what will bring you the best results in the shortest amount of time?

How would you feel if you had someone to guide you through the process of…

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Dana Smithers during coaching session

Law of Attraction Programs

Are you a business owner who consistently attracts clients who don’t pay you on time or worse yet – what you are worth? Do you struggle with feeling like the world is ‘doing things to you’ and can’t control what’s happening in your life? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could have ‘Law of Attraction’ tools…

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Business Development Mentoring Program

Not moving forward in your business? Even thinking about giving up? If you find yourself working hard but not really getting the results you want for all that hard work this might be the program you have been waiting for! In just 8 weeks you will be supported and mentored to close the gap between what you want in your business and where you are now!

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Discover Your Sacred Gifts

Sacred Gifts Program

Are you feeling drained by the work you do every day? Would you like to find more joy in your work and spend days where the time has just flown by and you feel energized? Once you discover your Sacred Gifts you will know what makes you feel more on purpose and what gives your life more meaning…

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Upcoming Fall Events & Programs

Are you a women solopreneur who works in a service industry and feels stuck in your business because you are not achieving the results you want for all your hard work? Or perhaps you are even questioning...



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“Dana Smithers was my Instructor when I started my career as a Home Staging &a,p; Redesign Consultant in 2007. Since this time Dana has consistently and passionately mentored her students in building their business. In 2010 I hired Dana to work with me on a weekly basis to address some of the hurdles I was experiencing. Dana’s intuitive thinking and knowledge helped me identify some of my belief systems that I needed to work on to take my business to the next level. If you are a business woman passionate about your business, struggling with clarity or direction then I would recommend Dana’s empowerment women in business coaching. Dana, Thank you for your honesty, sensitivity and caring!”
Louise HenryHome Staging & Renovation ConsultantPair Home Design
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Hello and Welcome to Law of Attraction Coaching! I am so happy you are here, for this website was made for people like you who want to:

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